110211 – Friday

  • Going away WOD for Eric on Saturday at 10am…then stick around for Barbell Basics class.
  • This is 1) incredible and 2) why good Coaching is important:
  • He’s obviously very strong but even more so I think this video shows why proper coaching is important…and why having other people around who know what good technique is is important (they’re celebrating?). How many steps along the way to a 400# HPC should he have been slowed down and had major form flaws corrected? I cannot do a 400# hang power (?) clean but to be fair if he had been taught proper technique he would be doing 500# and be getting much more out of his using the Oly lifts.

Thursday’s WOD’s

All LevelsĀ  CrossFit

A. 3×400 Meter Sprints. 1:1 work:rest @90% effort. 2 burpee penalty for each second that you are over or under your initial lap for your 2nd and 3rd set.

B. 5 Rounds for time:

10 of each

-Front Squat (95/65#)

-Double Unders

-Wall Ball

-Toes to Bar

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Front Squat

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

-Front Squat

-Jump Rope Passes

-Wall Ball

-Toes to Bar