110218 – Friday

110218 – Friday

  • The First Annual Phat Elvis High Voltage Weightlifting Meet is scheduled! Mark your calendars for Saturday March 12 2011 at the High Voltage Box! Full USAW rules apply. We’re really excited about this. We were planning on attending a meet that weekend but the hosts closed it off to only members of their gym…so we stepped up and are helping out all the lonely weightlifters out there and hosting our very first Oly meet.
  • Early Registration is just $10 (plus USAW Membership & Singlet!) or $20 at the door.
  • Even if you’re not gonna compete these events are really really fun to watch…plus you know if we’re hosting that it’s gonna be a good time!
  • Tuesday night our friend Matty from Stronger Faster Healthier will be coming back to go over more nutrition stuff with everyone. Our latest shipment of SFH Products are going fast we’re already more than half way sold out of our Post-WOD Whey Protein…so if you’re someone that’s still on the fence this is the night for you to come!

One of my favorite all time CrossFit videos. Perseverance dedication & plain old hard work!

Thursday’s WOD’s

All Levels:

Agility: Hurdles & Agility Ladder. Then:

4x through rest as needed between sets.

A1. Prowler Push (45/25# on each prong).

100′ out low bar 100′ back high bar

A2. Deadlift x3 tough & go

A3. 100m sprint

Your score is your lowest A1 (highest time) your best 3 rep Dead and your slowest 100m sprint.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Deadlift

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

7x Burpee

9x Deadlift

11x Air Squat