110222 – Tuesday

110222 – Tuesday

  • Stronger Faster Healthier Rep Matty Aporta will be in tonight at the box! Come by say high ask him tons of questions and stay healthy!
  • Interested in doing the CF Games Open Sectionals? Great! A little intimidated? Here’s what CF Headquarters says about it:

“The CrossFit Games Open begins on March 15. With athletes from all over their world submitting their results and videos we needed a new site to keep track of the competition. The new Open site will have some cool new features such as showing participants their up-to-date position in the world and in their region. The ranking will update in real-time as results pour in.

Another new feature is that athletes will be able to create side-to-side comparisons with any other Open athlete. For example you’ll be able to find out how you compare with Mikko Salo across the Open workouts.

With regards to programming the Open workouts will be very manageable. They will draw mostly from standard CrossFit movements like thrusters cleans pull-ups and push-ups. At only one workout a week any athlete training for the Games in will be able to easily handle the volume of work.

Affiliates will be able to turn hosted Open workouts into community events. Upon completing a week’s Open workout athletes will be able to relax and drink some beers with their fellow CrossFitters.

And it all starts in just three weeks.” Sounds maybe a little more up your ally now? Good. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

  • PR’s everywhere on Monday’s WOD. It’s always a great testament to our training methods when we spend a lot of time focusing on more technical parts of CrossFit and then because you’re stronger & faster you’re able to crush a bodyweight workout better than ever before.

It just goes to show there is a difference between training & testing.

  • Finally Member Profile of the Week is JP aks JPizzle aka JP Amistoso. I thought that everyone might know who it is right off the bat but then again I think that also goes to show how well we get to know each other. JP has shown amazing mental & physical fortitude & commitment lately. He shows up every day asking what he Can Do and that’s the best attitude to CrossFit with! He’s been squatting a ton lately and it’s incredible to see how much his form has improved. We’re very proud to have JPizzle as a part of our High Voltage Community!

J-‘I thought this was going to be just another bootcamp’-Pizzle having fun being strong!

Monday’s WOD’s

“Cindy” or “Mary” (Choose one of them!)


20 Minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Squats


20 Minute AMRAP

5x Hand Stand Push Ups

10x Single Leg Squats (total)

15x Pull Ups