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Courtesy of our friends at Windy City CrossFit.

And now for some knowledge to be dropped upon the courtesy of our very own Coach Takano! (from his blog at www.takanoathletics.com/blog). He’s been at the gym for nearly 2 months training the Oly Team PHAT Elvis Weightlifting (please ask him about it). For his insights please read!

-“It’s been about 7 weeks since I made the jump from Team Crossfit to Crossfit High Voltage.  We’ve settled into a groove now and training is going well.  I thought it might be helpful to the readers to see my approach to working with a group of new (to me) lifters and how the training is designed.  All of the lifters have had some technical training and all of them had at least one or two minor flaws in need of coaching.

I’ve got a group of about a dozen training regularly.  All of them will be competing.  A few of them have already been in a meet.  Some don’t know it yet but they will be competing because putting so much effort into the process of learning to lift will be wasted without the payoff of lifting in a competition.

“Getting to Know You”

The first week or so was a “getting to know you” week.  I provided them with some generic training routines that required them to perform the classic lifts as well as some standard strength exercises.  I made mental notes of technical problems physical imbalances and training tendencies.  They began to get used to my cues.  They also became comfortable with my style of coaching which involves them being themselves as I walk about and scrutinize what they are doing.  Sometimes cues are shouted from across the gym.  At other times I use hand signals.  This begins the process of making the coaching/training process more efficient.

Technique First

Dealing with technique problems early in the developmental process is the most efficient way to make the rest of the training more effective.  Those training five days a week will do classic snatches and clean & jerks Monday Wednesday and Friday.  10 to 15 reps in the 60 to 80% range in the snatch and 15 to 22 reps in the same percentage range in the clean & jerk.  These percentages are educated guesses at this point.

Weak points are noted and corrections are cued.  Remedial exercises are planned for the rest of the training.

Power Snatches and Power Cleans and Power Jerks are performed at the beginning of the session on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the emphasis on proper technique and speed.  These are in the estimated 60 to 70% range of maximum lifts for the full movements.

Strength Exercises

Squats Pulls and Presses are then included in each Monday Wednesday Friday session.  Some pulls and overhead movements are included on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

These are undertaken with two goals in mind.  The first is to develop strength.  The second is to develop training capacity that will be necessary for future training loads.

Remedial Movements

Exercises such as snatch balances overhead squats overhead supports good mornings and others from Medvedyev’s 37 are inserted at the end of each workout as required to remediate imbalances in development.  The reps per set here are higher but the weights are not especially heavy.  Technique is monitored.


The group as a whole is moving ahead albeit at individual rates.  Everyone is moving closer to displaying what I consider the basic competency level of technique.  They are all getting stronger and they are all developing the physical capacity to train at higher loads.

A couple of weeks ago I felt that they would be ready for a meaningful competition i.e. one in which the training is tapered to achieve a peak.  When the local meet scheduled for March 12 was canceled we decided to go ahead and put one on at our box in Burbank CA.

If you are located in the Southern California area and in need of a meet the entry blank can be downloaded at the Takano Athletics website www.takanoathletics.com.  If you’re not planning on lifting show up anyway and see how our fledgling group at Crossfit High Voltage is progressing.  We’d love to see you there!”

-He took the words right out of my mouth…it’s almost like we finish eachother’s…

Thursday’s WOD’s

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Push Press


A2. Strict Pull Ups (behind neck if possible sub negs if needed)

B. 2 minutes on 2 minutes rest then rotate for max score


-Box Jumps

-Rowing (calories)

-Double Unders

-Pull Ups

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Review of movements

WOD: 2 minutes on 2 minutes rest then rotate for max score

-Box Jumps

-Rowing (calories)

-Double Unders

-Pull Ups