110228 – Monday

110228 – Monday

  • Monday is here…that means a brand new week with brand new possibilities to start new or to build upon the good things you’ve been doing. What good things will you do for yourself this week?
  • I don’t normally post our WOD before we do them you know unknown & unknowable…but watch this video and you’ll be ready for today’s WOD…

Member Profile of the Week (MPOW?) This one is a little harder…

Q. How long have you been a CrossFitter?

Four months

Q. What is your previous sports/fitness background?

24-hour Sh*%hole surfing half-marathons

Q. How did you hear about CrossFit/CrossFit High Voltage?

From a surfing buddy: she would not shut up about it

Q. What is your favorite CrossFit WOD?

I’ve only met a few of the girls but Annie (50-40-30-20-10 double unders & sit ups) hurts so good when the jump rope whips my legs.

Q. Least Favorite Workout?

Angie (100 Pull ups push ups sit ups & squats in order)…never met her but from what I hear she scares me.

Q. Your Fran time?

8:27…next time I want to go ‘as Rx’d’.

Q. What athlete (CrossFit or otherwise) do you admire most and why?

I admire every new CrossFitter who comes in for a first class so I can appreciate where everyone’s encouragement brought me from and so I can pay it forward.

Q. What are your current CrossFit goals?

To do all of my Fran pullups unbroken and to have guns like C-Thack.

Q. Would you rather do 100 burpees 100 pullups or 100 squats?

100 pullups…know thine enemy and conquer it.

Q. What do you do when you are not at CrossFit?

Practice my squats form at work in the elevator.

Q. Favorite CrossFit Shoe?

Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi

Q. What do you think people know you for best?

Sweating profusely 2 minutes into the warmup.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’d give a new CrossFitter?

Rome was not built in a day everyone started exactly where you are right now and most importantly a herniated disc doesn’t look good on anyone.

Q. Who’s your favorite member to sweat with?

Nicole. She’s got an unadulterated hate for burpees.


Q. What do you like best about CrossFit High Voltage?

Looking good naked of course…

Q. Any other information you would like the world to know???

I’m the person you can crack open a beer with on the couches while you wait for your legs to redevelop enough strength to carry you to your car.


So who is this masked CrossFitter? Post guesses to comments.