110301 – Tuesday

110301 – Tuesday

  • Great day of training. Everyone is getting more and more proficient at completing double unders and that makes us very happy. Remember they are a unique skill and you’ve got to continue to practice them until you get em!
  • CF Games Open Sectional WOD’s will be Friday nights at 6pm at our box! We’ll be doing the WOD at all Friday classes (6:15am 9:30am 12:30pm & 6pm) but Friday night at 6pm is where I’m going to try and get those of you who are going to register through the CF Games site. So whether you’re looking for more great workouts and to sweat with the rest of your Volts & Vixens are interested in seeing where you rank in the big world of CrossFit or have that itch to go head to head against the World’s Fittest then Friday nights are for you (in case you didn’t read between the lines….they’re for everyone…). Just like everything else we do it’s going to be great times.
  • And finally the mystery Member Profile of the week from yesterday is…Alex Balekian!
  • Alex has been training with us for about 4 months and is really starting to see some great results. He comes in every day with a great attitude and even though he’s probably sweating enough during the warm up to call it a full work out he gives it his all every time. He’s done a ton of work getting his squat form better and just yesterday it really showed during our heavy thrusters. He put way more weight overhead than I’d ever seen him do and while he might have just been showing off because he’s the Featured Member of the Week I like to think that all of his hard work and consistency is really paying off.

    Great job Alex!

Stefan enjoyed his heavy Thrusters yesterday…245# for 3 reps…

And Linsdey set a new PR with a Clean & Jerk of 231#!!! Incredible.

And Scott set a 10# Snatch PR with a 190# lift! Awesome job everyone!
Monday’s WOD:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Thruster


B. Level 1 & All Levels

5 Rounds for time

400 Meter Run

15x Sit Ups

15x Double Unders

15x Squats

Post time completed & scalings to comments.