110303 – Thursday

110303 – Thursday

  • We’re adding a Yoga class! Sundays at 10:30am. This means we’re pushing our 11am class back to 11:30am.
  • This class starts on Sunday March 20. Regular schedule until then.
  • Take advantage of this class and take care of your body!
  • #winning
  • #tigerblood
  • FYI…these last 2 bullets will be embarrassingly out of date in 1 more week. It’s ok though post your favorite Charlie Sheen meme to comments.

Finally Robb Wolf was on ABC’s Nightline recently! Very cool! and here is a link about that! Enjoy!



Wednesday’s WOD’s

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Rope Climbs As Difficult as Possible

A2. L-Sit: 30 Seconds Cumulative

B. 20 Minute AMRAP

1 Mile Run to start then complete AMRAP of

5x Toes to Bar

7x Ring Dips

9x Burpees

11x Box Jumps

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Review of movements

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

800 meter run to start then complete AMRAP of

5x Toes to Bar

7x Burpees

9x Box Jumps