110304 – Friday

110304 – Friday

  • 2 weeks until the Friday night excitement starts! CrossFit Games Open Sectionals WOD’s are going to be every Friday for 6 weeks starting Friday March 19 and going every Friday for 6 weeks. Mark your calendars! Parties & celebrations to follow because let’s face it CrossFit is the great party starter!
  • Bring your friends & family…the more energy we have at this the better everyone will do. We know this is true from the In House Throwdown’s we’ve done…remember the energy for the 5 Round’s of Cindy tie-breaker we had last November with Robb Pnutz & Maiman…that’s what we’re looking for!
  • Sunday’s Yoga class starts on Sunday March 21 @10:30am. All Levels CrossFit will be @11:30am.

Here’s a little motivation for you:

Now check out this video of 2009 CrossFit Games Champion Mikko Salo…

Watch more video of Best CrossFit Gyms on sicfit.com

There’s always more we can do. Mikko is tons fitter than he was when he won the CF Games in 2009. In 20 minutes he completed over 11 rounds of 1x 450# Deadlift 2 Muscle Ups 3 Squat Cleans @255# & 4 Handstand Push Ups. Incredible!
But sometimes videos like this seem more overwhelming than inspirational…and sometimes we hit walls in our CrossFit training…but one of the very best parts of being in a REAL Fitness Program is that you have so many options to help you get over your hurdles. Spend a little more time focusing on lifting for a while focusing on your gymnastics movements or register for a 10k…each way is one of the pillars of CrossFit and a little extra focus in one area for a bit will make your entire CrossFit game (which is your overall fitness) that much stronger while also keeping your training fun & fresh.

Even though in college you have your major you still take some classes that only somewhat help that area and you even take some classes that seemingly have little to do with your major. But the conglomeration of classes and learning you do adds up to hopefully a very well rounded person. Think of your CrossFit training like this. If it has a real fitness focus then that’s what you want to be a part of. There are quantitative and qualitative differences between front squatting and a leg extension between sprinting and spinning between handstands and a bootcamp. Focus on what’s real there’s actually a lot to choose from and make this a true lifelong journey.

Thursday’s WOD’s

All Levels CrossFit

A. Snatch


B. 3 Rounds for time

6x Power Snatch (135/85#)

15x Pull Ups

24x Wall Balls (20/14#)

Level  1 CrossFit

Skill: Push Press

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

7x Push Press

9x Pull Ups

11x Wall Ball