110309 – Wednesday

  • What a fun day of training yesterday! We don’t do max height box jump tests that often but when we do it’s always a blast. So many big hurdles conquered yesterday. From athletes improving on already beastly box jump heights to many people finally getting the confidence to jump up on the big box! This is the type of thing that happens when you have an environment that fosters you being your best and a Community that is truly happy when you smash through your goals.
  • Speaking of big jumps…I’m still working with the Flip Video Camera that Carly got me…so it’ll be a second until I can upload some of the awesome jumps. But in the meantime some of the great jumps I can remember off head: I think Kirby & Charissa were about 42″ just incredible…Keven & Eugene got 49″ Nick Sr got 51″ Timm Kimoto got 53″ Steven was at 53 1/2″ and Coach Jade couldn’t have been happier nailing a PR of 54″. I’ll check the sheet for all the totals later but like I said great great day of training!
  • Finally….The CF Games Open Registration website it open! Go get your registration on!

We’re registered as a gym to host the workouts: https://games.crossfit.com/affiliates/crossfit-high-voltage

You need to go there right now and register at games.crossfit.com. Register as an athlete and then select CFHV as your gym. Then every Friday for 6 weeks come out at 6pm do the WOD with the rest of the gym and we’ll certify your score. Sounds great right. I’d like to have 20 people from our box register to do this on the official site. This is my challenge to you. Remember this stuff is for everyone so be a part of the party! We’ll be doing our ‘Fittest in Burbank’ challenge along with the Open Sectionals. Same deal just show up do the wod’s and whoever has the best scores after the 6 weeks will get a really cool title!


Jason wins 1st place at Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival Expo 2011 (Crossfit King Kong V2) from Robert Khalipa on Vimeo.

Tuesday’s WOD’s

All Levels CrossFit

A. Max Height Box Jump

B. Football Gone Bad Variant

3 Rounds 1 minute at each station max reps 1 min rest after 5 stations.

-Shoulder to Overhead (135/85#)

-Box Jumps

-Push Ups

-Double Unders

-Rowing (calories)

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Max Height Box Jump

WOD: Football Gone Bad Variant

-DB Push Press

-Box Jumps

-Push Ups

-Double Unders or Jump Rope Passes

-Rowing (calories)