110311 – Friday

110311 – Friday

Fran Friday!

That’s right Volts & Vixens…now let’s go get after it! 3…2…1…GO!!!

Sorry for the short post…we’re in Go Time Mode: Here’s some updates.
-No Barbell Class this Saturday due to the 1st Annual PHAT Elvis High Voltage Weightlifting Open. Everyone is welcome. Potluck & BBQ at about 5pm (it should be over ‘around’ then).
-The Fittest in Burbank Challenge starts next Friday and goes every Friday for 6 weeks. Everyone is invited to do this. It will be the exact same WOD’s at the CF Open Sectionals….and for that you can register at: games.crossfit.com. We’ve had a few of you register so far some firebreathers some people just looking to jump in and have a ton of fun. I mean if you’re going to do the 6 weeks of workouts then why not register (Kirby also Everyone Else)!

Oh yeah and Fran today. I thought I’d start the excitement off for our Friday Fun this week…you know kind of get everyone’s wheels turning and used to making Fridays even more awesome at the High Voltage Box.

Is there any other way?