110316 – Wednesday

110316 – Wednesday

  • The 1st Open Games WOD has been announced. This also means we have the 1st WOD for the Fittest in Burbank Challenge. We will be doing this at every class this Friday. There will be scaled workouts for everyone as we always do. But remember if you’re wanting your scored to be official on the games.crossfit.com site then you’ll need to do it As Rx’d.
  • Because we’re so excited about the upcoming Community Challenge I’ll give anyone at our box who registers on the games.crossfit.com for our gym a Free Guest Pass for a friend to use any time. Ok so why haven’t you registered yet? 🙂
  • Schedule change is in effect for this Sunday! Our New Yoga class starts at 10:30am. It is a yoga class but it is also geared for our Volts & Vixens based on the workouts we do each week. What better way to continue to take care of yourself! Remember this class in included in your membership at CrossFit High Voltage. The All Levels class is now at 11:30am.

Finally we have a couple more winners to announce. I know this one is a little late…but we have the winners for our latest Nutritional Challenge Winners!

Debbie Serpas is our winner! Congrats Deb we are all so proud of you & your hard work!

Deb says:

“I had spent a good number of years with stomach issues.  Pain bloating etc.  In August I was diagnosed with SIBO.  People have a certain amount of bacteria in their stomach I had 4 times as much as a normal person had and I was miserable.  My doctor tried to treat it but I was still having issues.  I decided to reach out to the GI Motility department at Cedars Sinai in search of the best stomach doctor.  I was finally able to get an appointment with him but I had to wait 3 months.

I decided to do the Paleo Challenge.  For the first time in years I felt 100% (2nd week of challenge.)  On December 3rd I finally went to see the doctor and he asked how I was feeling.  I told him that while I was in my 3rd week of the challenge I have never felt better.  He asked what Paleo was and said he was interested in reading more about it.  He also said I was curing myself.

On Friday I went back for my final test to see if the SIBO had gone away.  I got my results this morning…completely gone!!!!!

Paleo has saved my life!  Thank you for all the help you and the paleo team have provided.”

Paul Gomez is our male winner did an amazing job as well with a record 26 pounds lost in 5 weeks!!! Great job Paul!

Runners up Crystal and Nick for trying something new and making it work in their busy life styles!


Tuesday’s WOD’s

All Levels:

Ax 3

400 Meter Sprint

2:1 Work: Rest

B. 7 rounds for time

10x Pull Ups

10x Wall Ball

Level 1 CrossFit:
Skill: Pull Ups

WOD: 7 Rounds for time

7x Pull Ups

8x Squat

9x Sit Ups

10x Push Ups