110317 – Thursday

110317 – Thursday

  • It’s almost here…the 2011 CrossFit Games Open Sectionals and we’ll be doing the workouts every Friday for 6 weeks!
  • Ok so you’ve obviously heard me write this before and we’ve been talking about it at the gym a bunch. But what’s the big deal? Why should everyone participate???
  • The big deal about this is that CrossFit is a worldwide fitness program a genuine worldwide fitness program. No one else can say that. By doing CrossFit it makes us all part of this enormous worldwide Community and just like our Community supports each other and helps each other the same goes for CrossFitters everywhere. This event is probably going to be one of the biggest sporting events in the world ever…it’s already 2x as big as the Summer Olympics (only 10500 athletes in the Summer Games). This is everyone’s chance to be a part of something big that’s really cool and really good for you. Enjoy!
  • Games.CrossFit.com. After you register be sure and choose CFHV to as your gym so we can certify your scores!


Wednesday’s WOD’s

A. Snatch & Review of Ground to Overhead

B. 5 Rounds for time

30x Double Unders

10x Burpees

Finish with 400 meter sprint