110318 – Friday

110318 – Friday

  • It’s HERE! I thought Friday would never come. I am so excited to see you all perform today and over the course of this 6 week period!
  • Friday at 6pm is the critical mass session every Friday for 6 weeks but we will be doing this wod at every class on Friday. We will have counters and every rep must be to Games Standard.

Next watch the video “Guidelines For Being A Judge At The CrossFit Games Open.” This video is geared toward both judges and athletes and if you’re registered to compete in the Open you need to watch it.

Then watch the video “First Week’s Workout Description.” Even if you already know how to do double-unders and power snatches watch it to the end.

Friday’s WOD: (WOD in advance for once!)

10 minute AMRAP

30x Double Unders

15x Power Snatch (Ground to Overhead Any Way)


Everyone can do this workout…remember….everyone can do this! You are ready…You are Ever Ready!

Happy 10th anniversary to Chad & Katie! They came to hit a WOD together on their 10th anniversary how cool is that? The couple that gets fit together sticks together!