110321 – Monday

  • Friday Night was incredible! It was great to see so many of you show up for the 1st of our 6 week Challenge. We had some great performances by many of you and everyone did an excellent job performing the movements to the best standards possible. For others double unders are still your goat but one that in time will be conquered.
  • The good news about this is that CrossFit isn’t defined by any 1 workout. That’s why this is a 6 week competition. And even that is just the start of the 2nd part of this…and then there’s even more to that for those incredible athletes that can make it. So yes for every single CrossFitter regardless of skill or ability more always is ahead than behind you.
  • The other good news is CFHQ has extended the deadline for the 1st week’s WOD by 1 week…meaning…we’ll be doing it again this Friday night at 6pm! If you’re happy with your score you can come and cheer people on and help judge. If you want a 2nd chance here it is! If you haven’t registered yet there’s still time! Games.crossfit.com.
  • Finally I just wanted to say it one more time you all are really great and Friday night was very cool.

 Then there’s this video…hopefully it sets a great tone for the coming week of training! Now let’s get after it CFHV!!!

Watch more video of A Look Into the Counter Culture on sicfit.com