110324 – Thursday

110324 – Thursday

Happy 61st birthday to my Dad Misha!

When I thought it was a good idea to open a CrossFit box he immediately said “what are you waiting for?” This wasn’t unique…When I lost every single match for over 2 years helped me find the best coach I could get. When I said I think I should quit high school move to LA and start training for the Olympics he drove me to school the next day to let them know. When I needed to live in my car for a couple months so I could afford to train and rehab my knee before the World Cup he thought I was on the right track.

He’s always helped me understand that we all have 2 things. Goals and choices. What were my goals and what are the choices that I need to make so this can happen. The choices might seem crazy; quitting high school 2 years early being homeless etc but if the goals are important enough then the choice becomes easy to decide and easy to execute. Now it might take a while…

So Happy Birthday Dad: A big driving force behind many of my almost bad ideas that turn out to life changing. Thank you!

Me long hair and the parents…

And now from Coach Rane’s nutritional blog: www.metabolicupgrade.com

First off it really pisses me off that Chipotle take seemingly “quality” meat and soaks it in rancid soy oil for cooking.  Yum I love oxidized polyunsaturated fatty acids packed full of free radicals!  Get a clue people.  You’d be better off cooking it in lard like it would have been traditionally.

Anyways From the FAQ…

“What do you use to cook your food with?”

Butter and coconut oil mostly.  When I have it Grass Fed Beef Tallow or rendered Duck Fat.  Palm oil on occasion.  I cook meat and use the leftover fat to saute vegetables in.  Bacon grease probably being the tastiest option.

No I don’t use olive oil ever for cooking.  I only consume it raw (almost always just when out to eat since it is easy to ask for/widely available).  About 50% of the fat I eat I’d conservatively say is saturated fat.  I’m not worried about this casing heart disease.  I’ll send you my blood work if you want.

Ask him if he trims the fat off that rabbit before he eats it…

NATURAL fats from quality sources and in their un-denatured state (not hydrogenated or oxidized/rancid etc.) are NOT harmful especially saturated fats. When you combine them with excess carbohydrates (especially sugar fructose) then you will begin to see problems.

Dumbed down version of what’s going on: By eating carbs you’re telling your body to “keep eating” and to store energy (fat) away for later use.  By eating quality satisfying fats in their natural form you are telling your body “stop eating” and to burn energy (fat) for fuel.  When you eat both (a doughnut) your body only really hears the carb signaling.  You eat more overall all while your body is deciding to go into storage mode not burn mode.  What happens when you fill the gas tank don’t drive and fill it again?  Exactly.

I think a lot of people these days can accept that not ALL fats are bad but it seems people are hugely mistaken as to what fats are “good fats”…

If you’ve bought into “healthy eating” for any amount of time (at least from a conventional standpoint) or even the original “Paleo” mindset (for some) I bet you’re massively deficient in your intake of quality saturated fatty acids.

Before I starting eating “Paleo” I still ate a $hit ton of saturated fat mainly in the form of full-fat yogurt cheese and fat from meat and eggs.  My bloodwork was fine then it’s fine now.

That being said I felt the worst at the point in which I was eating very little saturated fat and getting almost all of my fat in the form of avocado nuts and olive oil fish oil.  I demonized saturated fats.  That is a mistake.  They’re not the bad guy not at all.

It’s never my goal to reinvent the wheel here so here are two great articles on saturated fat and why you should probably be eating more of eat from quality sources.

Weston Price article “The Skinny on Fats” linked directly to the saturated fats section.

Dr. Kurt Harris from PāNu on why Polyunsaturates or far worse in abundance than saturated fats.

I just really don’t think you should be fearful of a form of natural fat that’s been around for eons when our health has suffered much more greatly as a society in the last 100 years which just so happens to coincide with the widespread inclusion of vegetable oils and excess polyunsaturated fats in the diet.  We ate an average of 18lbs of butter at the turn of the century and had LESS heart disease than we do now on our margarine rich bandwagon.  The Swiss and French eat higher amounts of saturated fat than almost everyone and have less heart disease…  And no it’s not the F’ing wine that’s keeping them healthy people please!

An amazing book if you want a REAL working level of knowledge with fats is Dr. Mary Enig’sKnow Your Fats. Pair that with reading Good Calories Bad Calories and you can trouncemost doctors in a nutritional debate.

Bottom line: Don’t avoid saturated fats.  Don’t go out of your way to eat tablespoons of lard but never ever fear saturates from natural quality and unchanged forms.  I’m off to cook some bacon!

Wednesday’s WOD’s:

All Levels CrossFit:

A. Power Clean


B. Strict Press


C. Max time Hand Stand Hold (in seconds against the wall or free standing)

D. 2 Min Max Rep Double Unders

perform 3 burpees every time you break

Score is A+B+C+D

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Medicine Ball Clean

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

7x Med Ball Clean

14x Double Under (Sub 3-1 singles)

then do 1 burpee after round 1 2 burpees after round 2 etc.