110331 – Thursday

110331 – Thursday

  • Sectional WOD/Fittest in Burbank Challenge this Friday at 6pm. Remember we’ll be doing the workout at every class on Friday everyone will have judges & counters but Friday night will be where the action is at!
  • No Barbell Class this Saturday. We’re hosting a world class Weightlifting Program Design Clinic by our own World Class man himself Coach Takano.
  • And now a few words on nutrition from Coach Rane:

The data on Coffee is filled with contradictions.  On one hand it is high in antioxidants and may help with liver detoxification and bowel motility (not always a “good” thing though).  On the other hand it is also a potent stress hormone producing substance adding to one’s total cortisol load and potential deregulation of the gut flora (kills off beneficial bacteria).  Those with blood sugar issues may do well limiting or eliminating coffee and/or always making sure to consume it WITH a protein and fat rich meal (to help mitigate the blood sugar spiking effects of caffeine).  If you are wired to be jittery and nervous/anxious and spend a lot of time frantically worrying about the future with ADD like symptoms well buttercup you probably don’t need a Starbucks Frequent Buyer Card…  Just my two-cents.

The bottom line is IT’S REALLY ADDICTIVE!  Coffee releases cortisol.  Cortisol raises blood sugar (via “fight or flight” response).  Blood sugar goes up we get an energy surge.  Insulin is released to clear the sugar from the blood (if it is not burned off through activity/exercise).  Blood sugar crashes down in response.  Energy levels slump and we experience a need to reach for another pick-me-up: More coffee sugary snacks carb rich meals etc.  It’s a wild roller coaster.

If you want/need to curtail your coffee intake (much more than a strong morning cup is probably too much for most people) the following protocol can be helpful to ease off rather than cutting things cold turkey.  If you’re mainlining espresso 3-4 times a day you’re gonna have a harder go getting off it and you may even be reliant on coffee to some extent for energy regulation and bowel motility (you can become dependent on coffee to poop yep – I don’t want you to NOT be able to go #2).


“Crack” without the “-head”.

“Half-Caff” Coffee Protocol

  • Pick up some “naturally decaffeinated” coffee (Swiss Water method Organic preferably).
  • Starting immediately replace 1/2 your regular coffee with the decaf however you brew it.
  • Make sure to work in a good source of beneficial bacteria into your diet (every day) to replace what you may be killing off by drinking the coffee (decaf or not).  This means fermented foods containing live bacteria (sauerkraut full fat yogurt kim chi) and/or a quality probiotic supplement like Bio-K CL1285 or another quality brand.
  • Continue until you use up the rest of your remaining regular caffeinated coffee.
  • Once you only have the decaf left just use the decaf (it still has 5% caffeine in it).
  • Once the decaf is gone shoot for 30 days “sans coffee” of ANY kind.
  • After 30-45 days you can try to add it back in and see how you respond.

In general the less stress you have in your life the more caffeine you may be able to handle.  If you really love the flavor treat yourself to a nice espresso while out for a Sunday brunch.  Enjoy a morning cup from time to time if desired.  But if it’s creeping into your afternoons and you find yourself REQUIRING coffee to get going it’s probably time to take a step back and assess things honestly.

Be Well

Coach Rane

Wednesday’s WOD:

A. Skill Review for Friday’s workout

B. 2x 30 Second AMRAP Box Jumps (24/20″)

C. 10 Minute AMRAP

15x Double Unders

10x Wall Ball

5x Back Extensions

Level 1 CrossFit

A. Skill Review for Friday’s WOD

B. Box Jumps

C. 10 Min AMRAP

7x Wall Ball

8x Box Jumps

9x Back Extensions