110406 – Wednesday

  • And this week’s Sectional WOD for Friday is…. 5 minute AMRAP: Squat Clean & Jerks (165/110#)!!!! Yeah Buddy to this one!!!
  • Remember, this week’s theme for Friday night at 6pm is 80’s night! So get ready to Wang Chung and let’s get after it.

IMG_7666High Voltage…all the cool kids are doing it (even with crazy eyes)

Finally, Coach Tyler is getting surgery on his broken up foot today (bone graphs, dying bones…yeah, good times). It’s been busted for almost 2 years, & has been toughing it out like crazy (yes, he clean & jerked 330# on a broken, dying foot). We’re very happy he’s taking care of his body, and even though it means we won’t have him on the floor coaching for a few months, I’m pretty sure Chase is planning on dropping him off in the lounge and letting everyone mess with him. Please wish him well in comments.

Tuesday’s WOD

All Levels:

A. The Bear Complex

7x through makes 1 set, perform 5 sets, going up in weight each time. Touch and go only at the bottom.

-Power Clean

-Front Squat

-Push Press/Jerk

-Back Squat

-Push Press/Jerk

Post loads for each round

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: KB Swing

WOD: 10 Rounds for time

9x KB Swings

7x Sit ups

5x Push Ups

3x Jumping Squats