110413 – Wednesday

  • Friday’s WOD has been announced! It is going to be a great one so be sure you are there this Friday at 6pm to join in on the fun!!!
  • The WOD is a 10 minute AMRAP (going for total reps) of 60 bar facing burpees 30x Overhead Squats (120/90#) and if you can get through that with time left 10 muscle ups….then if you can get through that try and get more bar facing burpees…yeah like I said it’s not really an AMRAP as how we normally think of it. Think of this one as ‘how much can I complete of this in 10 minutes. Top scorers already have people completing 1 round plus some burpees.

Tuesday’s WOD
Ax3 for combined max reps/seconds
A1. True Push Ups
A2. L-Sit

B. 5 Rounds for time
20x Burpees
20x KB Swings