110418 – Monday

  • We’re adding new classes! Starting May 1 we’re adding a MWF 7am class to help out our ever growing morning crew! This class will be a Level 1 class but of course it’s perfect for everyone! Now we will have L1 classes in the AM and PM! How awesome is that!!! We are also planning on adding a Tuesday/Thursday 8am class. Please let us know if you are interested in this!
  • We are also going to begin enforcing the 22 person cap on our classes. We love the energy big classes create but we also want to provide you all with the best service possible. This means you need to be extra sure to arrive on time and come prepared for your training session. We offer over 40 training sessions per week so there should be plenty to fit your schedule.
  • We’re very happy our Level 1 CrossFit classes are so popular and we’re excited to be adding more of them. We love helping people learn the basics of this fitness phenomenon we are all a part of…but the goal is also not to keep you in L1 forever. After about 2-3 months of Level 1 almost everyone should be ready to move on to the All Levels classes if not sooner. And remember the All Levels classes really do mean that…All Levels! Every single day we scale every workout as needed for every single Volt and Vixen that comes through our doors. Leave the Level 1 night classes for those who need it most and be on your way to Breathing Fire!
  • Stay tuned for more schedule announcements and additions this week!
  • Finally this Friday night’s theme for the Sectional WOD is Hawaiian! Be there at 6pm with your grass skirt and coconut shells on!!!
  • Finally finally we are closed this Sunday for Easter.

Coach Simon getting through those Muscle Ups from the Sectional WOD!

Also an epic photo.