110419 – Tuesday

110419 – Tuesday

  • Great effort on Monday. Lifting heavy things is always a great way to start off the week! Even with the strict deadlift protocols yesterday we saw many 5RM Deadlift PR’s. Big shout out to DD at the 6am class for a 40# PR on her 5 Rep Deadlift and to Monica who did her old PR for 5 reps today…Yeah buddy!
  • Remember we will be capping all classes at 22 people per class. For our big classes we always have at least 2 coaches on the floor and want to continue to provide you all with the best service and training possible.
  • Please arrive on time for your class if you’re late you may have to wait until the next class. Our warm ups are very important not only does it give you and your body time to get ready for the intense WOD but it gives the Coaches time to assess how your body will perform at each movement in the workout.
  • Finally Friday’s Sectional WOD theme is Hawaiian Luau! That’s right everyone is getting Leid at CFHV this Friday night. 6pm. Definitely be there.


Monday’s WOD’s

All Levels:

A. Deadlift

5-5-5-5-5 (up & down no dropping re-grip every rep)

B. 25 Unbroken KB Swings x 3 sets x 30 seconds rest

10 burpee penalty for any deviation from this. Breaking your set going down in weight not starting once the 30 sec rest is up results in a 10 burpee penalty.

C. Max Rep Chest to Bar Pull Ups.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Deadlift

WOD: Tabata High Score at each station


-Sit Up

-Pull Up