110427 – Wednesday

110427 – Wednesday

  • Friday. 6pm. Final Sectional WOD. Be there.
  • The theme is “nerds”. Have fun with this one. We will be giving our prizes for best costume top score of the night and crowning the ‘Fittest Guy & Girl’ in Burbank!
  • Finally remember our new 7am Level 1 classes start this coming Monday…at 7am (Monday Wednesday Friday).

Even in the 80’s people had heart!

Finally we all know that Coach Tyler has been out since his foot surgery and it’ll be a few months until he’s cleared to lift or coach…but just like the awesome Volt that he is he’s turned his injury into positive energy for you all. He wrote this for us…check it out and post thoughts to comments.

-What inspires and drives an individual to overcome? To pick up that bar? To jump back on that box? What motivates and propels someone forward? What is the point in starting the next set when you only have time on the clock for one more rep? After the 3-2-1-Go what’s keeps you going? Is is someone you’re trying to impress? Is it the coach hollerin’ at you? Finally is it an external influence or does it come within?

If I were asked what it means to have “heart” … I’d describe someone that doesn’t give up regardless of his circumstances. Most importantly someone with ‘heart’ has tuned into that inner voice and engages in a positive internal dialogue which both inspires and compels ultimately urging them to continue. This voice pours out of them roaring out of their chest like the well fueled flames of a furnace. Every breath of that athlete manifests those flames as if they were breathing fire. A positive internal dialogue can have a profound impact on an individual’s life and can be a huge asset when performing you daily WOD.

So the next time your find yourself burning out listen to that invigorating voice inside and get going! Be “Fire Breathers” Volts and Vixens!

Tuesday’s WOD:

All Levels

A. 3x 400 Meter Run 1:1 Rest.

B. 12 Min AMRAP


DB Power Snatch

Sit Ups

Double Unders

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull




Sit Ups

Back Extensions