110429 – Friday

110429 – Friday

  • The FINAL SECTIONAL WOD is here! Everyone has trained so hard and consistent. Carly myself and all the coaching staff are very proud of each and every Volt & Vixen. Let’s go out there and finish this thing off right…dressed like nerds!
  • New Level 1 classes start Monday Wednesday & Friday at 7am! Be there. Get up get fit and get on with your day!
  • Finally don’t forget Yoga class on Sunday at 10:30am taught by our little spitfire Kathy! No chanting or candles but tons of effective stretching and mobility. Sounds like something you’re into? Check it out! Plus it’s included in your membership.

Check out this video of Khalipa V. Spealer on a test run of WOD 11.6! Good mobility to start and notice how little their feet move during their Thrusters. Good stuff!

And the official explanation of WOD 11.6! Check it out!

Thursday’s WOD:

All Classes:

A. Mobility

B. For time

1200 Meter Run

10x KB Swing

10x Push Up

10x Lateral Paralette Jumps

800 Meter Run

20x KB Swing

20x Push Up

20x Lateral Paralette Jump

400 Meter Run

30x KB Swing

30x Push Ups

30x LP Jumps

Post times and thoughts on the CF Sectional WOD’s to comments.