110512 – Thursday

110512 – Thursday

-Big day at CFHV! In fact it was our biggest day in attendance ever! We’d like to thank the 115 Volts & Vixens who came to workout Wednesday put everything on the line tested themselves and left here healthier fitter and happier than when they came in! Yeah Buddy!

Tuesday night Coach Carly & Coach Esther hosted an informal “Vixen’s Class” at 6pm.

We had a great turnout and it was very cool to have all of our ladies together WODing it up and once again testing their limits.

We’re going to do another ‘informal’ WOD this next Tuesday at 6pm…all the ladies in the house be there!

Breathing: -How often do you find yourself out of breath during a met-con? Is it very frequently you find yourself stopping not because you lack sufficient strength for another rep but because you just cant breathe!? A very commonly overlooked skill in training is proper a breathing technique. Yes we all know how to breathe; however with all the distractions in and around you while training many times proper breathing falls by the wayside.

There are two sides to the breathing aspect of a met-con; the physiological demand for o2 and the mental benefits of concentration. As the work output of your body increases so does the demand for oxygen most of the time we fall behind this demand and we call this “o2 debt”. Much like the involuntary purging after you drink a gallon of milk your body protects itself from what it thinks is over working by hyper-ventilation(excessive breathing). So the skill is to be able to keep your breathing under control as your o2 debt increases.

If you’re having a hard time getting your breathing under control there is a simple strategy you can implement the next time you are training. The strategy is to pick a point in the movement to exhale and another to inhale. For example when doing burpees try inhaling when you’re on your feet and exhale when you’re on the ground. You should always aim to get a breathe per rep while performing a met-con. Holding this tempo will help to prevent your body from hyper ventilating and keep your breathing under control. Additionally while concentrating on breathing (and hopefully on technique as well) there is less mental energy to spend focusing on how terrible you feel or how you think you might need to stop and enjoy the physiological benefits of proper breathing and pushing the thought of stopping one step further from your mind.

Remember it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen!- Coach Tyler

Wednesday’s WOD:

All Levels

A. Push Press


B. Mini Bear Complex

5x through 5 sets going up in weight each set.

Power Clean Front Squat Push Press/Jerk Back Squat Push Press/Jerk repeat.

C. 2 Min Max Push Ups Test

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Medicine Ball Clean

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

200 Meter Run

15x Med Ball Clean

10x Push Ups