10518 – Wednesday

10518 – Wednesday

  • Tons of 1 Mile Run PR’s today! Not only is this great because we don’t test the 1 mile run all that often or run much further than 400 meters at a time in most WOD’s (short & intense baby!) most of you had just established new Personal Records on your 1 Rep Max Back Squat on Monday! Stronger faster better conditioning…I think we’re on to something here…Great work!!!
  • The Tuesday night Vixen’s Only class was a hit as well. Fun partner WOD and some fresh fruit & water with lemon…it’s growing and we’d love to have all our ladies there next Tuesday night at 6pm to join in the fun. Class is coached by Coach Carly & Coach Esther!
  • Are double unders getting too easy for you??? Watch this video and understand why Buddy Lee is the man!


Tuesday’s WOD’s:

All Levels CrossFit

A.     1 mile run for time

B.     HSPU Helen

3 Rounds for time

400 Meter Run

21x KB Swing

12x HSPU (sub Burpees)

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: KB Swing

WOD: 3 Rounds for time

400 meter run

21x KB Swings

12x Brains (what are the Brains???) Come in and find out 😉 Thanks Lindsey!