110523 – Monday

  • 1 week until Memorial Day Murph! Don’t forget next Monday 11am with a BBQ to follow. It’s going to be tough and it’s going to be fun (before and after).
  • Big Congrats are in store to Carly and Brian Oki who just completed their Level 1 CrossFit Coaching test last weekend in San Diego! They each performed great scored excellent on the test and were great representatives for our High Voltage Community! I’m very happy for both of them. Brian had one of the best times at the Cert with a 3:30 Fran. Not too shabby…
  • And as for Carly I’m just very happy that we were finally able to make this happen. We’ve wanted to get her certified since the box opened up almost 2 and 1/2 years ago but every time we wanted to it was time to buy more bumpers or kettlebells or more pull up bars. She’s been such a trooper always puts the needs of the gym first and does tons of the behind the scenes work while I’m out on the floor coaching. Expect to see more of her positive energy on the floor Coaching now!
  • No Classes this coming Sunday for Memorial Day. Rest up and be ready for Murph!!! If you haven’t signed up yet please do so by this Wednesday so we can get an accurate head count and begin to organize the heats.

6am has already gotten their work done this morning! DD not only completed 45 seconds of her L-Sit but got her first Handstand Push Up and Kipping Pull Up. Yeah Buddy!