110527 – Friday

110527 – Friday

  • No classes on Sunday regular schedule Saturday…
  • AND MEMORIAL DAY MURPH on Monday at 11am! Be here. We’ve had lots of people ask if they are ready for this WOD…YES! You are ready.
  • Some people will do the WOD straight through others will do it CrossFit.com style and chop up the middle reps others will partner up and split the work some will do 1/2 Murph some will do 1/4 rowing Murph (get the picture…)and others might just come for the 50# of beef Stefan is going to barbecue!
  • Community events are a huge part of our gym friends and family are always welcome!

Finally a HUGE CFHV congrats to our Vixen Deb who got her first bar muscle up last night after the WOD! She tried failed tried failed and like a true Vixen she didn’t give up and finally made it on top of the pull up bar and completed her dip. It was an absolutely great moment for all of us who were there. Deb earns the 2nd of the 3x $100 Lululemon giftcards for the latest 3 Vixens to get a bar muscle up. We have 1 more of these left…who will get it? Maybe Lisa Yacoubian will as a great way to celebrate her 30th birthday???

And now for the video that pretty much started it all. A group of us were talking about gym nomenclature and gym jokes the other day between classes and I said I’d post the best video…ever.
For those of you who have known me for more than a minute you are now ‘inside’ the joke. This is why Coach Pnutz is Pnutz and why Yeah Buddy fits nearly every possible scenario at CFHV. Sadly there are a few lines we’re not using as much as we should and it is our responsibility in being awesome to pick up the slack.


Thursday’s WOD

A. Press


B. Regional Games Chipper (Team Version) for time

20 cal row

30 Burpees

30 Ground to Overhead (L1: KB Swings)

30 Toes to Bar

100′ OWL (Overhead walking lunge) (45/25)

150′ sprint