110603 – Friday – Overnight Successes?

110603 – Friday – Overnight Successes?

Another big day for the ladies at CFHV!

A big CFHV Congrats to Coach Carly and ‘The Lisa’ for each getting their first Bar Muscle Ups tonight! We started a contest just a few weeks ago to see who would be the first woman to get a bar muscle up the winner would get a $100 gift card to Lululemon in Glendale…then Charissa won it the next day! It was so much fun we decided to extend it to the next 2 Vixens of CFHV who could do the same and Deb & Lisa will be receiving their gift cards!

Challenges are a good thing and a great part of CrossFit. It keeps up motivated and it inspires newer CrossFitters to continue to achieve their first pull up a challenging benchmark wod or just allowing themselves to try more advanced CrossFit movements.

So just think in 3 weeks we’ve got 4 new members of the bar muscle up club. What are we call capable of but are holding out for just the right push? What things are you suddenly finding yourself capable of or even attempting to be capable of because you have a supportive community a positive environment and are committed to being your very best?

  • One last thing to say today. We had an enormous just an enormous amount of Volts & Vixens set PR’s on their strict press today over 90% of you who came in to WOD it up today got a much deserved PR. This is great and it shows how your consistent training attention to detailed cues and great energy help make these gains possible.
  • At the same time days like this don’t happen all that often. Most days of training don’t come with a montage of excitement and cool soundtrack. PR’s days are where we attempt to measure your improvement but it’s all the other days that improvements add up so these days can happen. I mentioned Coach Pnutz tonight when we were talking about this after a class; how he squats very consistently and takes it very seriously. He’s at the point where a 5# squat PR every 6 weeks is a great achievement even with all the work he’s doing. He doesn’t expect to PR every time he puts a barbell on his back…but it’s the months and months of hard work that let him or any of us stand out from the crowd on competition days.
  • “Actually I’m an overnight success. But it took twenty years.” – Monty Hall

Thursday’s WOD:

All Classes

A. Strict Press

Find 1RM

B. For time

100x KB Swings

100x Double Unders

100x Squats (Overhead/Goblet/Air)