110608 – Wednesday

110608 – Wednesday

Deadlift PR day on Tuesday is one of the most popular days at CFHV. It’s a great day to test the gains you’ve made not just physically but mentally as well. Under a heavy amount of stress (the load on the bar) are you able to keep your form as solid as when it’s just an empty bar? Are you able to keep the integrity of your midline stable? Were you consistent enough in your training? Finally when you’re pushing yourself to maximum effort are you able to keep your form solid even if you’re not able to make the lift?

It’s coming…SoCal Regionals next Fri Sat & Sun…stay tuned

Tuesday’s WOD

A. 800 Meter Run

B. Find 1RM Deadlift

C. Tabata Push Ups Low Score

Level 1:

Skill: Deadlift

WOD: 30 seconds on 30 seconds off


Sit Ups