110621 – Tuesday

110621 – Tuesday

  • Celebration Party for our Team & our Gym this Friday night 8:30pm at Barney’s in downtown Burbank. Friends & family are welcome!

Lindsay on the rower dark blue shirt 3rd from the right was the final leg of our Heat 1 WOD 1 win!

So many good things to say about this past weekend and if you want to hear all the really good stories that we can post on the net be sure to be at Barney’s this Friday night…but in the meantime I’ll share a little story about our Vixen Lindsay.

Lindsay is a really good athlete she runs a few miles to the gym before and after her workout every day and always tries to follow our coaching advice as closely as possible. But in the Open workouts she struggled on double unders and chest to bar pull ups keeping her out of the individual womens’ competition last weekend. Lucky for us she was on our team…Even luckier for us she really does listen to our advice so when we set up some additional targeted training to attack these weaknesses she attacked it with her full effort.

I knew she’d be in the 250 rep team WOD pretty much from when they announced it even though her chest to bar pull ups and double unders were In That Workout! So after going over more technique and form issues our next step was to set some quantifiable goals. She had to be able to do 3 sets in a row of 50 unbroken double unders and 3 sets of 10 chest to bar pull ups. Not outrageous goals but when those goals are your weaknesses they can seem huge.

And it payed off for her in spades! Lindsay KILLED IT this weekend. I told the story yesterday about Nick ripping his hands on the pull up wod so the other 3 athletes in that event had to step up. Every time I’d see Nick have to drop off to wipe the blood from his hands I’d see Lindsay immediately jump up there to throw a quick set in. Every rep matters and every teammate’s performance matters.

Then it came time for double unders…and she hit her target goal of 50 Unbroken double unders on the rope just like we planned!

And if that wasn’t enough she stepped up to overhead squats which she usually does pretty well at and hit sets of 15-20 reps almost every time she grabbed the bar…that late into a long workout her reps were fast and accurate. We were the last off the pull up bar of any team but ended up 6th out of 30 teams in that WOD.

So what can we all take away from this? Lindsay not only had goals but she had a definite deadline for her goals. She didn’t want to ‘just someday’ get double unders. She had to consistently be able to do 50 unbroken by Saturday June 18. And she did.

We all have goals but do we have a date with those goals. And what happens if that date comes and we haven’t conquered weakness yet?

Great job Lindsay we’re all so proud of you!

And now a little something from Chico!

We Love CrossFit High Voltage from cuzic4n on Vimeo.

Monday’s WOD:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Back Squat


B. Press


C. 10 Min AMRAP

5x Burpees

50 meter sprint

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Front Squat



5x Burpees

50 Meter Sprint