110623 – Thursday

110623 – Thursday

  • Friday Night 8:30pm Barney’s Beanery in Burbank be a part of the “We’re #5” Celebration for our CrossFit High Voltage competitors and gym!
  • 4th of July WOD a gym-wide WOD is on for 9:30am….on Monday July 4! The WOD is ‘Kalsu’ a notoriously challenging CrossFit Football Hero WOD of 100 Thrusters for time…but you must do  5 burpees at the beginning of every minute before you can do more Thrusters! To do this WOD Rx’d the weights are 135/90# so yes there will be lots of scaling for everyone!





Steven & Sarah on the Thruster Ladder this Saturday at the CF SoCal Regionals. They were also part of the Team Chipper Event where our team’s time of 16:03 was the 8th best score in the World (and the 4th best in Southern California)! WOW!!!

Steven & Sarah competed with the CFHV Team this past weekend. They each had very difficult jobs they had to do the individual workouts of the team competition where their scores would add up and create one team score. Even more difficult was that these workouts were the ‘heavy’ WOD’s but they aren’t necessarily our heaviest lifters.

What impresses me most about Steven and Sarah competing in these WOD’s this past weekend is how far they’ve each had to come to do these events. Everyone knows that Steven has great speed and a huge engine for big work capacity and that’s just so he can try to keep up with his wife Charissa. Most people don’t know that going overhead was extremely painful for him for the longest time. His first Fran after he’d been training was around 10 minutes because he could only do the 95# thrusters 1 at a time. I don’t even think he could finish ‘Diane’ (the benchmark with handstand push ups).

Now he was our ‘heavy overhead guy’.  This didn’t happen overnight. He’s been consistently training with us for 2.5 years now and we’ve seen his Fight Gone Bad score go from 270 to 451 his Fran go from 10 minutes to 2:30 and now his thruster go from a painful (to do & to watch) 95# to where he had the confidence to represent our gym with this movement and now has checked a huge weakness off his list.

As for Sarah I remember when she started.  She told me she really wanted to get better at the Olympic lifts (snatch clean & jerk). She had experience working out & working hard but the compound movements of the Oly lifts are almost impossible to get good at on your own. And just like Steven she has diligently trained and trained them to where her skill with the clean would allow her to go out and perform her very best. Sarah stayed extra after training working her clean working the progressions of her lifts working her front squat press & push press to get the movements just right. And on Saturday her lifts looked beautiful!

We’re all so proud of how hard you both trained for these events and represented our Community! For more of the great stories of the weekend come on out to Barney’s this Friday night!

Wednesday’s WOD:

All Levels

A. Team Row Competition

B. Do this WOD 2x. Rest 3 minutes after the first one then try to beat your time.

10x 2 for 1 wall ball

20x Ring Dips

30x Burpees

40x KB Swings

50x Squats

Level 1:

Skill: Wall Ball

WOD: 2x through. Rest 3 minutes after the first round for total time.

10x Wall Ball

20x Lateral KB Jumps

30 Burpees

40x KB Swings

50x Squats