110627 – Monday

  • Gym-Wide WOD on 4th of July. 9:30am. There are no other classes scheduled so if you want to celebrate and feel a ‘little’ less guilty then be there! We’ll be doing the CFFB Hero WOD ‘Kalsu’: 100 Thrusters for time with 5 burpees every minute of course. Teams individual and upscale and downscale will all be happening (for those of you who 135# Thrusters is merely a warm up?)…if you’re awesome enough to take on this challenge we’ll of course be awesome enough to help find the right variation for you.
  • Here’s a thought that I’ve been working on for a while and I’d love your feedback to Comments:
  • Since we’ve started we’ve been posting the WOD’s the day after we do them to the website. A few reasons for this it mainly started because when our gym was just brand new CrossFitters we didn’t want everyone to ‘cherry pick’ their WOD’s. But now that some of you have been here for well over 2 years the new Volts & Vixens at our box follow your approach towards this and are eager to become the well rounded CrossFitters that so many of you have become. Posting WOD’s the night before (like the CrossFit.com mainsite does and was done as Regionals) I believe will allow our entire Community to become MORE accountable not less. Need to bring knee high deadlifting socks? Check. Want to start thinking about how to upscale your WOD? Check. Need to look up the weight you did last time on split jerk in your training book? Check.
  • The more I think about this the more of a good idea it seems to me. Some people may miss the nervousness of walking in and making that semi-circle around the blackboard and getting yourself pumped up about your WOD. I don’t think this will change (and if you don’t want you don’t have to read the website until it’s over).  My goal is to have everyone coming in prepared and ready to rock. I want to continue to empower each and every Volt and Vixen to be more accountable in your training. I want you all to walk through our doors every day with not just good intentions of a hard WOD but with purpose and specific goals and on that very day you’re going to go head on with.
  • Like I said post thoughts to comments.
  • A big THANK YOU to the probably 30 or 40 Volts & Vixens who came out Friday Night to celebrate our Team & Community being so awesome. I wish I had a good picture but I don’t.
  • Tomorrow’s Blog Post: Robb & Lisa’s Training for Regionals!
  • Finally check out this link Chico made: www.gymbr.com/crossfit. He took all the scores from Regionals across the World and aggregated them into a spread sheet! So cool! Even cooler? The data shows that our of all Regions in the world CFHV had the 45th best Team Score Overall. WOW! Check out all the individual men women & team scores on his site!

Maiman & Adel 2 of our very first Volts & Vixens (#004 # 002 if I remember correctly). They’ve always been so much fun to have around and now they help set that tone for new Volts & Vixens as well. And then those ‘new’ Volts & Vixens become part of the process and help out even newer Volts & Vixens keep our Community such a special one. And so it goes. We just wanted to say thanks for always being such great examples of our Community!

Monday’s WOD:

Post thoughts to comments about the WOD post coming before or after the training day is complete.