110628 – Tuesday

110628 – Tuesday

  • Happy 28th Birthday to my sister Becky! We love you so much!
  • 4th of July WOD: This…4th of July. 9:30am. All Volts & Vixens welcome but because this WOD is ‘Kalsu’: 100 Thrusters for time with 5 burpees every minute on the minute it will be for Volts & Vixen’s only.
  • Feeling beat up after “Chelsea”? Well you probably are….so remember to stay on your recovery! Ice and Omega-3 Fish Oils will help you stay on track. Want the very best fish oil (and who doesn’t) pick up some Stronger Faster Healthier Omega-3 Fish Oil at the box. And while you’re in the mood to take care of your body get your Post-WOD Protein and step up your Game!








Robb & Lisa rowing on WOD 1 at the Regionals.

So Regionals are all wrapped up. We want to send out a big CFHV Thank You to everyone who came out to celebrate with us last Friday night at Barneys! It was so good to see so many new Volts & Vixens hanging out with some that have been here for a couple years now! Very cool.

One last set of shout outs: Robb and Lisa both turned in inspirational performances at the Regionals. Even though they (and all of us) are on the same team they each had different jobs to do and they made each and every one of us proud!

If you know Robb you know he can bust out some handstand push ups. If you also know Robb you know that double unders and overhead squats aren’t his thing…wait…weren’t his thing. Every week Robb and I would go over his additional training he needed to perform at his world-class best and every week Robb would show up and not leave until it was done. He began to turn his weaknesses into strengths. He took fish oil in Big Gulp containers (ok not that much but it was every 3 days he was restocking!) and took his training about as serious as could be.

And his preparation showed big time! Not only did Robb leave the announcer tongue-tied while he was trying to count his reps “22…25 wait 27…28” but he also did a great job of hitting 50 unbroken double unders and then repping out overhead squats in sets of 15 or more. It was incredible to see and all of us that were there were blown away!

Lisa had a different battle this weekend. She performed excellent on the first 2 days of competition and she just recently got her first bar muscle up the week before the Regionals. So naturally we put her on the most technically difficult ‘Amanda’ WOD. A female Hero WOD names after CrossFit Games competitor Amanda Miller. In her honor this WOD is squat snatches and muscle ups. Unfortunately Lisa didn’t have a ring muscle up yet. But for nearly 20 minutes using Nick as a stepping stool and tried to get up on top of those rings.













Some times she came soooo close. Other times not so much. But she kept trying. And she kept trying probably over 50 times total. As much as I wanted to see her get one it was really cool to see how much heart she put in that WOD. And I have a feeling now that she’s going to get that muscle up really really soon!

Volts & Vixens ready to get rowdy!

Monday’s WOD


30 minutes every minute on the minute perform 1 round of:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Scale down to 4/8/12 3/6/9 etc or scale up: +1 +2

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Kipping Pull Ups

WOD: 20 Minutes of “Chelsea”

Every minute on the minute perform

3 pull ups

6 push ups

9 squats