110630 – Thursday

110630 – Thursday

  • 4th of July WOD! This Monday…4th of July! Be there at 9:30am for ‘Kalsu’. It’s our only session of the day so be ready to get after it!!!
  • Regular schedule Saturday & Sunday. Make sure you hit up the Yoga class this Sunday at 10:30 and take care of your body.
  • We’re almost out of our Omega-3 Fish Oils & Post-WOD Proteins. Fortified Protein is all sold out. Come get yours quickly before the big weekend comes. The next order won’t be here for 10 days.
  • Let’s try this ‘post the WOD’ thing before it takes place for today…enjoy!








Finally on a different note we want to wish an Original Volt Daniel aka DT safe travels to San Francisco. He’s been with us for 2 years has made every class he’s been in enjoyable (and usually hilarious at some point) and has gone from over 200# to down to 170# and gotten his strict press up to 200#. DT we’re gonna miss you buddy some box up north is very lucky!

Thursday’s WOD:

All Classes:

“The Filthy Fifty”

50 Reps of each movement (scale to 40/30/20)

Box Jumps (24/20″)

Jumping Pull Ups

KB Swings (35/26#)

Walking Lunged

Knees to Elbow

Push Press (45/33#)

Back Extension

Wall Ball (20/14)


Double Unders

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