110705 – Tuesday

110705 – Tuesday

  • How’s everyone feeling after ‘Kalsu’!?!?

July is here and summer is in full swing. June was an incredible month for all of us here at CFHV. We PR’d in just about every way you can measure as a gym. Volts & Vixen’s set more PR’s than in any month we’ve ever had more new Volts & Vixens started their CrossFit journey with us than in any month ever (ps check out the new member board!) and Regionals were the most fun for all of us too. So that’s the good news.

The flip side that I sometimes learned the hard way when I was fighting was after a really good performance at a competition there is a big chance to become complacent. You strive for a big ‘Fran’ PR you get it and then you’re satisfied. You were uncomfortable for so long during your training and it sure does feel nice to just come and workout again without that hanging over your head.

But that’s the trap! My parents martial art teacher who was an Olympic Judo Coach and whose son won the first Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medal for Taekwondo in 1988 always said ‘more always lies ahead than behind’. Yes you should always be happy of your performances if you gave it your full effort. Remember full effort = full victory. But…there’s another WOD coming up tomorrow and it will put the hurt on you if you don’t bring it. So get ready to bring it for an awesome summer of CFHV training.

Tuesday’s WOD:

A. Max Distance Broad Jump

B. 12 Min AMRAP

4x Clapping Push Ups

6x KB Clean & Jerk (each arm)

12x KB Swings