110707 – Thursday

110707 – Thursday

  • Just over 3 Weeks until the CrossFit Games our sport’s World Championships at the Home Depot Center in Carson. It’s being described as the Woodstock of Fitness. You do not want to miss this awesome event! Get your tickets at games.crossfit.com.
  • To celebrate the upcoming Games we’re making another set of new shirts. We will have a pre-order form shortly. Once the artwork and design is finalized we will have a pre-order form at the front desk so everyone can get the exact size they want.

Tuesday night’s 6pm Vixen class is blowing up! Our ladies only class tackles a really tough WOD every week at this time. To the ladies out there if you haven’t made it to this awesome class yet…you’re missing out! Be there next Tuesday at 6pm for something fun/horrible/awesome!

Thursday’s WOD:

All Levels


Row 250 Meters then complete AMAP Handstand Push Ups. Rest 3 minutes per set.

Score is slowest row and total HSPU

B. 3 min AMRAP rest 2 minutes. 3 sets. Total AMRAP completed.

5x CtB Pull Ups

5x Toes to Bar

5x Burpee Bar Touch Jumps

10x Double Unders