110708 – Friday

110708 – Friday

Congrats to Brooke aka Brooke-Monster for being selected as part of Team WOD Gear! Here she is crushing a 150# Overhead Squat…she couldn’t do this when she started but she trains with dedication and intensity and that always pays off!

This photo reminded me of a great conversation I had with a brand new Vixen tonight. It was her first class (at Level 1) and she couldn’t believe some of the things the ladies were able to do. Toes to Bar? Pull Ups? And what was that on the jump rope? She couldn’t believe that people didn’t come in to the box with these abilities!

These complex movements become ones we end up being able to perform almost effortlessly after time they become ones you can even warm up with and we fixate on the ones we can’t do. Nothing wrong with motivating yourself by trying to conquer yet another weakness on your list nothing at all…but if you take a step back and talk to a new CrossFitter at our box chances are their mind is being blown by some of the seemingly simple things you can do. That is a testament to how far you’ve come how consistently you’ve trained and how dedicated you’ve been!

The saying goes ‘Your Workout is Our Warm Up’ but for people getting on board with the fitness protocol that we know yields unmatched results the saying should be ‘Your Warm Up Blows My Mind’. More always lies ahead than behind but you should always be proud of where you come from.

Friday’s WOD:

All Levels

A. Push Press


B. Strict Press


C. Tire Flip w/jump

2 min AMRAP x 3 sets.

D. Prowler Push