110712 – Tuesday

110712 – Tuesday

  • Awesome job on heavy front squats yesterday! Some huge PR’s. Big shout out to Abe who went up from 185 to 245# after staying consistent on his forearm and wrist mobility (save jokes for the comments section).

  • We’d also like to give a big CFHV welcome to Josh Murillo (doing ridiculous trick above) who normally trains at the 6am & 8pm classes (and on many days both classes) and is now entering our CFHV Instructor Training Program! He’ll be shadowing Coach Tim and the rest of our coaching team so when you see him be sure and ask him as many questions about CrossFit as you can. It will help keep him on his toes. Josh is a great athlete has been a great leader in his classes trains consistently and has a long background in coaching team sports. We know he’s going to fit right in! So when you see him tell him congrats…and then ask away!

Tuesday’s WOD:

All Levels Classes:

Ax3 sets. Rest 3 minutes after each set

400 meter run

Max Reps Handstand Push Ups

Score is slowest 400m and total HSPU (or ring push ups etc for scaled versions)

B. 12 Min AMRAP

10x KB Snatch Right

10x KB Snatch Left

10x KB Swing

Max Reps Pull Ups (set terminates when you drop off the bar)

Your score is total pull ups in the 12 minutes.