110714 – Thursday

110714 – Thursday

Christina has been coming consistently for almost a month now and she’s noticing a huge improvement in her workouts and how her body feels. She completed her first 400 meter run without stopping for first time on Tuesday! Great job!

  • Starting next Monday the PHAT Elvis Weightlifting Team will no longer be training at our gym. We would like to extend a big thank you to the Coach Bob Takano and the PHAT Elvis Weightlifting Team for the time they’ve had with us at our box.
It was an honor having the PHAT Elvis Weightlifting Team train at CrossFit High Voltage these past 6 months. But as our CrossFit gym continues to grow we are unable to house both the PHAT Elvis Team and CrossFit in the same facility in the evenings.

It was Coach Takano’s world class coaching methods that first led me to train and learn from him and training with the PHAT Elvis Team has helped me continue to improve as an athlete. Together we have hosted some awesome weightlifting events and seminars this year. We hope to work with PHAT Elvis in the future and watch them break records at local national and international competitions. They will be relocating to our close friend’s box at CrossFit Pasadena.

If anyone has any questions regarding this upcoming change please contact me directly at tim@crossfithighvoltage.com.

Thursday’s WOD:

All Classes All Levels & Level 1:


For time.

1000 Meter Row

50x Thruster (45/33#)

30x Pull Ups