110715 – Friday

110715 – Friday

  • Ton’s of PR’s on “Jackie” Thursday! Jackie is a great CrossFit Benchmark and one that many of us remember as our first one that we can do ‘As Rx’d’! Big shout out to the 12:30pm crew where every Volt and Vixen hit this WOD as Rx’d! That was a pretty awesome coaching moment.
  • In fact we had tons of athletes do the ‘Jackie’ WOD as their very first Rx’d Benchmark today. We are very proud of all your hard work and your dedication to following our coaching methods: from putting you on pull up bands some days other days doing lateral ring rows learning the proper kipping motions to other days working the negative on the pull ups…all of this training pays off…and for many of you it paid off into a memorable PR day.


The CrossFit Games have come a LONG WAY from 2007…have you got your tickets yet for this years Games at the Home Depot Center? July 29-31. Best athletes in the freaking world. Come get inspired!

Friday’s WOD:

A. Speed & Agility training

B. “Michael”

3 Rounds for time

800 Meter Run

50x Back Extensions

50x Sit Ups

C. Finisher…Coaches Choice!