110719 – Tuesday

110719 – Tuesday

  • Great day of training Monday! Some huge PR’s on ‘Diane’. Big shout outs to Brooke for getting this WOD ‘As Rx’d’ for the first time. This means she did it with no abmats and head to the deck for every single handstand push up! Awesome!
  • Remember we’re not having the ‘In House Challenge’ this weekend. Regular schedule will be happening. Our Community Challenge will be taking place the firs week of August where our entire gym will be completing the Qualification WOD’s for the Next Level Invitational. This will be a great chance for everyone in our Community to put themselves on the line and mark where your fitness is at. The 4 WOD’s can be completed by almost every member…how much you do…well that’s the fun part and is up to you! I’ll be posting the exact dates that we’ll be doing these WOD’s shortly…but get ready!
  • The WOD’s are:
  • 1. 1 Rep Max Front Squat then Max Rep Pull Ups
  • Unbroken Handstand Push Ups (we’ll scale to abmat ring push ups regular push ups then knees) then 1k Row for time
  • AMRAP KB Snatch in 10 minutes then max effort L-Sit
  • 1 Rep Max Power Clean then….45 minute AMRAP of 400 meter run 20 burpees and 30 light KB swings

And remember if these don’t get you ‘pumped’ up….

It’s just too funny. Enjoy!
Tuesday’s WOD

All Levels Classes:


Max Effort L-Sit

B. For max reps


5 sets of

Max Rep Bench Press (bodyweight for guys 2/3 bwt for the ladies)

Max Rep Pull Ups