110721 – Thursday

110721 – Thursday

  • We are all sold out of our Stronger Faster Healthier Omega-3 Fish Oils and Proteins (both Fortified and Post-WOD)!!! This makes all of the Coaching staff at High Voltage so happy because it means that you’re taking our advice seriously on your recovery. Remember these workouts are hard…you have to take your recovery just as seriously as the WOD’s.
  • The good news is we have a new Huge Batch of SFH Products coming in either this Friday or Monday…
  • Even better news…Stronger Faster Healthier is proud to announce/introduce their best ever Omega-3 Oil (which we will be carrying!): SO3 OIL.  This formulation is 50% more potent than the previous oil and delivers over 5400 mg of EPA and DHA in two teaspoons.  This means that you can take LESS oil and get MORE benefit!

    SO3 is a mixture of EPA and DHA in the triglyceride form and in the free fatty acid form of EPA and DHA.  This combination of triglyceride form and free fatty acid form facilitates the absorption of omega 3 active fats.

    The recommendation of taking minimally 3500 mg a day.  Our old Fish Oil delivered this in 2 teaspoons which was still far superior to other oils on the market.

    We recommend that you take between 1-2 teaspoons a day of our new SO3 oil.  This will deliver between 2700 – 5400mg (3500mg exactly is 1.3tsps).

    In addition to the 10oz bottle we will also offer a 6 oz bottle at a lower price then our original 10oz bottle.  The 6oz bottle will last a person who is taking 3500mg/day – 28 days!

Wednesday’s 7am Level 1 CrossFit Class! Great job on your front squats and focusing on all of our points of performance during the WOD!

Thursday’s WOD

All Classes (Level 1 and All Levels)

10-15 minutes of mobility & agility work then

20 Minute AMRAP

200 Meter Run

10x Overhead Walking Lunge (each leg)

10x Toes to Bar

10x Push Ups

10x Double Unders