110725 – Monday

  • Big week of training coming up for all you Volts & Vixens! It’s our last week of prep work for the NLI Testing Workouts. There are 4 WOD’s we’ll be testing and you do not want to miss them. The schedule will be as follows.
  • Monday August 1: WOD 1 (Max Front Squat/Max Rep Pull Ups)
  • Tuesday August 2: WOD 2 ( Max Rep HSPU/1k Row Test)
  • Wednesday August 3: WOD 3 (10min KB Snatch Test/Max L-Sit)
  • Friday August 5: WOD 4 (1Rm Power Clean/45 min AMRAP)
The great thing about these workouts is that everyone in our gym can do them…how well you do…well that’s exactly what the ‘test’ of your fitness is about. Goals are important. Sticking to your goals is important. Having a Community of friends & athletes all committed to similar goals helps keep us all accountable and is most important! Your effort & attendance is needed by your fellow Volts & Vixens!
  • Over the weekend I went to an absolutely incredible seminar by Carl Paoli. Carl is an incredible athlete coach at San Francisco CrossFit owner of Naka Athleticshis sister Cristina used to train with us (she’s now a chef abroad!) and is a master of freestyle movements. Now I didn’t learn all of this…but….expect more awesome things to come from the High Voltage box!

Specifically Monday we’ll be working on part 1: The Hollow Rock:

Monday’s WOD’s:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Hollow Rock training

B. Weighted Pull Ups

C. 15 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run


10x Burpees

20x KB Snatch
Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Kipping Pull Ups & Progressions/Hollow Rock Progressions

400 Meter Run

5x Pull Ups

10x Burpees

20x KB Swing