110727 – Wednesday

110727 – Wednesday

  • Stronger Faster Healthier Products are IN!!!
  • Are you ready for the CrossFit Games this weekend at the Home Depot Center?!?! We are…well of course we are we are Ever Ready…but this weekend the best athletes in the world will be completing some of the most physically demanding workouts and at the end someone will be named the Fittest! The entire event will be streaming online at games.crossfit.com…but trust me if you can see it in person GO! We went last year and had an absolute blast. Who knows next year it may very well be some firebreather next to you that is going!
  • Remember next week we will be doing our own Fitness Testing Monday through Friday so it is super important that you Get in the Game! Each day we will be doing a different WOD designed to not only test and identify your abilities but it will help us with your future programming and allow us to continue getting everyone here in the best shape of their lives.

Are you Ready?!?!

7pm Level 1 was ready tonight!

Wednesday’s WOD

All Levels CrossFit: 

Ax3. Tire Flip & Jump In & Out AQAP x 5

B. L-Sit. Max Effort x 2 attempts.

C. 500 Meter Row Test

D. Double Alternating Tabata max reps

Box Jumps

Bumper Plate Sit Ups