110801 – Monday

110801 – Monday

  • The CrossFit Games were INCREDIBLE! It was great to see so many Volts and Vixens at the event and for all of us to get a chance to see CrossFit done at it’s very highest level. If you missed it you missed out on the official launch of a 21st Century Sport…or as Reebok called it ‘CrossFit is the sport of the 21st Century’. It is our sport and it is CrossFit! If you want to see how big this last weekend was start asking people if they know what CrossFit is…compare that to how many people gave you crazy looks last week.
  • This event was also the largest convergence as CFHV Volt Armandi called it ‘of attractive people ever’.  I think he was right on the mark!

Don’t forget that this week is our Fitness Testing & Assessment Week! Monday’s test will be your 1RM Front Squat and max set of pull ups. We normally don’t do ‘tests’ every day but with proper training advanced program design for beginners intermediate and advanced athletes we know you’re all going to step up to yet another challenge.

We’re excited to see everyone’s results! Come in ready to work!!!

  • We’re all pretty exhausted from an incredible weekend so I’ll do a more thorough write up later this week…but in the meantime here are some photos from the weekend with a little caption to tide many of you over.

We got to watch Rob Orlando teach a ginormous tire flip (‘you gotta knee it when it’s heavy’!)

Carly & Nick Jr got to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)! How huge of an event has a SUP spot?!?! And in the spirit of regularly learn & play new sports is anyone interested in learning this at our upcoming beach day? 😉

And I ran into one of the people who got me started in CrossFit my close friend and co-owner of CrossFit Threshold in Miami Elisha! We lived and trained together at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for 2 years traveled the world trying to kick foreigners in the face (for sport!) and we both got a bronze medal at the World Championships on the same day in 2003 in Germany! Hadn’t seen her since 2005 and we both couldn’t believe that we’re in better shape now because of CrossFit. Good times!

Finally I got a really cool photo sent to me from my Mom who is in Russia right now coaching the US National Taekwondo ‘technical’ team. And since she’s in Russia she’s doing ‘Russian Swings’…what else do you do there? My mom’s been CrossFitting for about 3 years now is in incredible shape and couldn’t wait to get a WOD in on foreign soil.

When I asked her what type of equipment they have in Russia she sent me this:

Look kinda familiar? All around the world people are starting to figure out that there is 1 predominant way to get people FIT!

Monday’s Testing:

A. In 10 Minutes find a 1 Rep Max Front Squat

Rest exactly 2 minutes

Perform Max Rep Pull Ups