110804 – Thursday

110804 – Thursday

Remember when you first did your “Baseline” Assessment WOD? Remember how you couldn’t believe how someone could do ‘that big list’ of movements. You couldn’t believe how there were women who could do 10 pull ups and push ups off their toes? We start every one of you with this WOD on your Intro session so today will be a great day to look back at how far you’ve come. Most of you laughed when I said that this would eventually become equivalent to a’ warm up’ and today it is.

We’ll be doing Baseline today because this seemingly ‘simple’ WOD is also another important assessment for our Coaches in your training. The more information we have about your performances the better we can help continue to write excellent programming and coaching for you.

My favorite Baseline memory was from our first ‘In House Throwdown’. I wanted the first WOD to be one that everyone could do but I also wanted to make it challenging. So…we did Baseline Down & Back…finishing with rowing and of course Chest to Bar Pull Ups. I still remember laying there on the ground looking at Steven & Coach Tyler both also on the floor and we couldn’t believe what had just gone down!

Do you remember your first ‘Baseline’? What was your first ‘Baseline’ experience like? Tell us about it in comments!

PS the gym record is 3:29. Let’s break this.

There is no truth the rumor that Iceland Annie & Rich Froning DNF’d ‘Baseline’.

Thursday’s WOD

A. Speed & Agility Work

B. “Baseline”

500 Meter Row

40x Squats

30x Sit ups

20x Push Ups

10x Pull Ups

B. Hollow Rock work

Double Tabata Hollow Rock!