110805 – Friday

110805 – Friday

I hope everyone is ready for Friday’s WOD. It is a 2 part workout and will probably take about 1.5 hours to complete. So if you have to be out the door at the normal ending of class time you will be doing a 20 minute AMRAP instead of a 45 minute AMRAP…but…if you don’t have to leave right away you will be doing the 45 minute AMRAP! What’s that? That’s hard? Our Vixen’s class all did this WOD on Tuesday night and the were amazing. Step up to yet another challenge at CFHV and be proud of how far you’ve come!

Our week of testing is almost complete. Did you feel how you important it was by just by putting yourself on the line and being accountable to the rest of our Community?

When Scott (pictured on  the right with the rest of ‘the boys’) started with us 2 years ago his ‘Baseline’ WOD was over 12 minutes and was heavily scaled.His time Thursday was 4 minutes and 18 seconds as Rx’d.

He’s moving to the OC for his business and we’re going to miss him a ton. He’s become a good friend a huge part of our Community and a pretty damn good CrossFitter too. The upside is now having a great excuse to drive down south.

Friday’s WOD

‘the finisher!’

A. Find 1RM Power Clean

rest no more than 10 minutes

B. 45 Minute AMRAP

400 Meter Run

20x Burpees

30x KB Swings (35/18#)