110819 – Friday

110819 – Friday

Every Friday for the next month we will be doing a Fight Gone Bad variation in preparation for our biggest Community Event of the year…Fight Gone Bad 6! If you haven’t marked your calendars yet it is Saturday September 17 on an almost 20 thousand square foot sound stage at Sony Studios. How cool is that?!?!


This Friday we are doing a ‘long tabata’…40 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest at each station then rotate…3 times through. This will not only help everyone at each movement but the shorter time at each station will force you to work harder at the things you aren’t as good at. You won’t get the full 1 minute to do a bunch of push press at. You will have to do as many wall ball as possible to make up for it. Sounds like fun right? Each Friday will be different and you all will be Ever Ready. 

We have about 1 month left for everyone to get fit get set raise $ for an absolutely incredible cause and then show up and do the most fun WOD of the year! This is more than enough time for you to rally up and get yourself ready. Army Nick is leading the gym with $625 raised so far. Remember you must raise $150 to participate in this fundraising community event. You can do this by contacting your friends family or yourself. 

fgb6.org. It takes 2 minutes and it will make your day so much better. Join the CrossFit High Voltage team. Then stay consistent on your training schedule and have a great time on Saturday September 17 with over 300 CrossFitters from around Los Angeles. In just over a month you might be setting a new Fight Gone Bad Personal Record…so…What are you waiting for? 


This photo is from FGB5…help us make sure it aint got nothing on FGB6!!!

Friday’s WOD


All Classes: 

Long Tabata Fight Gone Bad!

3 Rounds max reps

40 seconds work 20 seconds rest

Wall Ball

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Box Jump

Push Press

Row (for calories)

Score is 1 point for each rep properly done and 1 point for each calorie on the rower.