110830 – Tuesday

  • Today is the last day to order your new Life As Rx designed & produced ‘High Voltage’ shirt. This shirt is super high quality and looks amazing. If you haven’t pre-ordered on the sign up sheet next to the whiteboard…what are you waiting for? Tuesday is the last day..and we will not be keeping a stock of these.

Who couldn’t love this face? And now that Stefan has joined the High Voltage ITP (Instructor Training Program) you’ll get that awesome ‘Cheetah’ energy in your classes. Also when you see Stefan in the gym be sure to ask him as many questions as you can about CrossFit. If you’re lucky he might just show you his 1:30 Grace or his 500# deadlift…or his sub 3 Fran…or his 300# clean & jerk…or his sub 6 minute mile…or….

Tuesday’s WOD:

All Levels:

A. Row 250m score slowest time

B. For time:
4 rounds
Run 200 Meters
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (sub to regular pull ups)

rest 3 minutes then

4 rounds for time
12 burpees
12 striders (jumping lunges left makes 1 right makes 2 etc)

Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Kipping Pull Ups
5 rounds for time:
run 200 meters
10 pull ups
10 burpees
10 striders