110831 – Wednesday

110831 – Wednesday

Benchmark WOD day! Attend any ‘All Levels’ Classes and your workout is ‘Grace’! It’s 30 Clean & Jerks for time. A great wod short fast and of course intense. The ‘Level 1’ Classes will be working on skill progressions and transfer movements to help build up the necessary strength motor unit recruitment and capacities needed to eventually perform more complex workouts like ‘Grace’.

Our classes and workouts are specifically designed to for CrossFitters at specific skill levels. Our Level 1 CrossFit classes are programmed and taught with beginning CrossFitters in mind. Depending on your fitness & athletic background most people transition out of these classes within 2-5 months some quicker some longer. Our Level 1 classes focus on establishing the proper foundation in the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements as well as kipping pull up progressions running & rowing.

After many sessions in Level 1 CrossFit classes you will begin to become proficient in these basic movements & concepts. The abreviations AMRAP & RFT won’t seem so foreign and you’ll know how to do a ‘frogger’ or the ‘inchworm’ in the warm up.

But you won’t have mastered these movements. You’ll never actually master them. You’ll get really really good at many of them but they’re always a work in progress. And our Coaches will always be trying to help you move more efficiently produce more force quickly increase your recovery and use your body more effectively. As you can see finding the right level class is a very important part of your CrossFit training with us. If it’s not it should be!

-Spoiler alert…look for more Level 1 classes to be added to our ever growing schedule of classes this fall.

Practice progressions & patience. Let’s add this one to our gym mottos!


Rob Orlando ‘graces’ our website once again…here he’s doing ‘Heavy Ass Grace’. 30 clean & Jerks for time but with 275#. This is an absolutely incredible feat. How do you get there? Practice progressions & patience. 


Wednesday’s WOD: 

All Levels


For time.

30 Clean & Jerks


Level 1: 
Skill: Power Clean with a barbell

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP
10x DB Power Clean
15x squats
30x Jump rope passes