Labor Day WOD!

Labor Day WOD!

Hey gang 

Even though we’re closed on Labor Day we’re posting a ‘fun’ WOD that you can do with your friends & family wherever you are.

Your goal: See how many of your buddies you can get to try this! Your goal is to get as many friends as you can to try a CrossFit gym near there house!

0 friends = wet ears

1-3 friends = getting some abs

4 -6 friends = seasoned Volt or Vixen

7 friends & up = You’re breathing some FIRE!!!

WOD: 6 minute AMRAP (you can convince your friends for 6 minutes right?)

Beginner Version: 

50 meter run

10 Push Ups

10 sit ups

10 squats

Intermediate Version:

6 minute AMRAP

50 meter sprint

10x clapping push ups

10x Lemon Squeezers

10x jumping squats

Advanced Version

6 minute AMRAP

50 meter sprint

10x clapping burpees (you’ll figure it out!)

10x V-Ups

10x Striders

Sub running for swimming: 50 meter run = 15 meter swim

And…Get Ready For Tuesday!!!